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Garry, I thought you might want to know that Mick Kennedy (Cpl 4 Section 11

Platoon last tour SVN) is in the High Dependency ward of the Queen

Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) Adelaide.  He had his right leg amputated below

the Knee yesterday.  Complications set in after previous surgery to fix

foot circulation problem.  Mick is in fine spirits as I spoke to him this

morning.  I also spoke to Faith (Mick's Wife) and she is ok and relieved it

is over as far as the operation went.  Mick is on a dialysis program and is

currently waiting for a Kidney transplant after he is mobile again.  Tel

for QEH is 82226000.  It is ok to let the troops know.  Thanks Garry and

take care.

Regards Mick (Stretch).


Thanks Garry & thanks also to Mick Sherlock for keeping us up to speed on

Mick's illness, Mick Kennedy was a member of Tpt Pl during the first tour before D Coy was

privileged to get him!

I spoke with him a few minutes ago (6 Sep) while he was undergoing dialysis

& he is going ok. He is now in Ward North East 2, I gather from the staff of

QEH  who were very helpful in tracking him down.

Mick may have a compatible transplant kidney lined up & is still planning on

joining us at the Reunion in Melbourne.


Bob (Sayce)

I'm sure I can speak for everyone who knows Mick from his time at Woodside through

Malaysia/Borneo and both tours of SVN, get well soon Mick and hopefully we'll see you

in Melbourne next year.......ed




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