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4RAR Association Qld Contact Details:
4RAR Association Qld
PO Box 802
Aspley Qld 4034
Tel: (07) 3273 7973

Bob (Yogi) Pearson
45 Allira Crescent Carseldine Qld 4034 Tel: (07) 3312 4884
Coordinator: Jan Pearson

Allan Price
11 Dellforest Dve Calamvale Qld 4116
Tele: (07) 3273 7973
Coordinator: Maureen Price


As you would be aware the 4RAR Association Qld was the only association operating in Australia until recently and we attempted to maintain a relationship with all members throughout Australia and overseas. I am in the process of handing over the individual State nominal rolls to those of our brother 4RAR Associations, those that are operating and those in the process of being established. So far, I have passed the nominal rolls to SA, VIC and NSW. What this will mean in the future, is that state memberships will become the responsibility of individual state associations and so it should be.
QLD in the meantime, is still maintaining the membership of those members in WA, NT, TAS and overseas. We will continue to mail and Email our newsletter, `The Fighting Fourth', to those members and to pass relevant information. We will also Email The Fighting Fourth to all those for whom we have Email addresses. We desperately require your Email addresses in order to maintain better lines of communication, to distribute `The Fighting Fourth', to send routine information, to send immediate information, to notify of illness, and unfortunately, to notify of funerals.
Please inform us of change of address, telephone and email. If you contact an ex member who has not received a newsletter recently or who has not had contact with us please pass either our details to them, or their details to us.
The latest report from the front in Afghanistan (The Sandpit) indicates that all is well, although as you would understand, we are not privy to operational details.
D Company has been raised in 4RAR (Cdo) and the OC is looking for memorabilia, photos, flags, etc that can be displayed within the company to continue the history and the traditions of the `Road Runners". If you have any that you may wish to donate, then please send them to me and I will pass them on to OC Delta with your name and details attached for acknowledgement.
The Battalion is also looking for photographs and stories about our boxers and boxing coaches from 1964 to the unlinking and photographs of previous RSMs and photographs Gary Chad MID, John Scott DCM, Mick Carroll DCM and Dusty Miller MID. Please contact (02) 9600 2339. They are also looking for any memorabilia, photos etc from 1964 to delinking, including 2/4RAR to add to the battalions history. All photos, letters etc will be returned after copying.
Flash. 4RAR (Cdo) has a new RSM, Ken Morris, and he has asked me to pass on to all members of the Association that all are invited to the Sergeants' Mess when passing by. Please ring before hand.


Raffle Results
The results of the last raffle
1ST $200
Digby Lawrence
2ND $100 Alan Bulgin
3RD $50 Willy Williams
The same prizes will be available for the next raffle drawn in February.
See page 9.
Due to Brian Donnellan
and many others, picking up my obvious mistake last time, a friendly reminder that the tickets are $2 each or six for $10.
My apologies but those that did send in $10 last time were given an extra six tickets.

Christmas in Afghanistan
To those who would like to send a card or gift perhaps, to the soldiers of the battalion serving in Afghanistan, the address is, outer envelope:
Australian Defence Force
Sydney NSW 2890

Keep parcels below 2kg for
free mail.
Christmas Cakes
Trish Hansen from Canungra, a girl who has no association with 4RAR (Cdo), is very kindly sending Christmas cakes to the battalion. Trish, we thank you for your consideration and your Christmas spirit. You are a very generous and beautiful person.

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