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Dear Alan,
Thank you once again for your help. I have sent away for his medals and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the service history of my Uncle, Keith (Pommy) Shaw, who was killed in action in Viet Nam with D Coy 4RAR on 08 October 1968.
As a child, I remember that my Uncle Keith's photo sat on our TV. He was the `uncle killed in Viet Nam' but nobody spoke about him. This led to a lot of unanswered questions; who was this man, why didn't anybody talk about him and why did my brother have the middle name of Keith?
Many years ago, my Granddad told me that a sniper killed Uncle Keith.
After moving to Bowral, I discovered the Cherry Tree Walk, a beautiful war memorial for those who fell in South Viet Nam. Uncle Keith's name is on it and every few weeks, I place flowers next to his name. This started the questions again. Why, who was this man that no one was willing to talk about, what happened to him, was he alone, did he suffer, was he humorous, what did he do for fun, what were his goals in life and what were his plans on coming home?
After a lifetime of unanswered questions I became more determined to find out more about this man.
I have been extremely lucky to come across new friends who, after a lifetime are more than willing to talk about this hero of mine.
Bob Dunn, B Company, has been a wonderful supporter as well as helping me making contacts. He has also answered the many questions that I had. It is fantastic to be getting to know my uncle through his friends. My brother and I laughed for ages with the story I got from Gordon Irvin about Keith taking off Chad Morgan and singing `The Sheep from Shabby Creek'. Who knew that he had a sense of humor?
I have also found out that he was not alone and that he did not suffer. Thank you to all who were with him. I have had some wonderful stories from his many friends. I do understand that it may be hard for a lot of you to go back to the past, which I am sure is in some ways upsetting for you, but I know this; you are all making me so proud to know you all and I am very grateful for all your help.
I would like to say a big thank you to Mike Sinclair who sent me my first story of Uncle Keith. His section commander, Wayne Foster who was wounded in the same action as Uncle Keith, was able to give me the truth about what happened that day. Don Zerner was able to fill in a lot of gaps for me and gave me my first colour photograph of Uncle Keith. I would be happy to hear from anyone else who is willing to talk to me. I can be contacted by phone on;

(02) 4861 5584 or by Email: khrisandgeorge@bigpond.com.

I can't wait to see you all at the Melbourne reunion. Once again a big thank you and in my eyes, you are all heroes.

Khris Stevens

Dear Khris,
Pommie was the hero; we were simply his proud mates and his brothers in arms.


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From Korea to Iraq you will recognise stories, faces and names that have been and are, synonymous with the initial forming of the RAR to the continual reclaiming of the RAR by those `bloody new, young diggers who don't know mud from clay." From the old soldier to the new, Bill takes each one through their paces and proves that, not only can each generation quite readily identify clay, but also that they can mould it into a much improved and better product at every evolution.
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