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Green Mules Green Giants
A virtual history of 4RAR in Malaysia and Vietnam as seen through the eyes of one of our own diggers-Tony Easterby. Tony maintained a diary during his Army days from Kapooka, his tours in Malaysia and South Vietnam until his hospitalisation and evacuation after being WIA in 1968. Many of his stories as a section commander will bring back many memories to other section commanders who underwent similar experiences. Many of the photographs will also bring back to life the people with whom we served and the places we, went. This is not a war book but a pleasant trip down memory lane, which does tell of wartime experiences but in a style that is humorous, historical and educational. Easy to read, this book should be on the shelves in all libraries and schools. Good work, Tony, we know that you aren't travelling too well but thanks for sharing your life with us.
Tony has donated copies of his book to the association and they are available for $22.00 per copy, plus $5.00 P&H. You should have this book and it is also a good book to give to schools and students as an award.
Send your order and your money to Alan Price now. See contact details on page 9.

A REVIEW OF 4RAR (Cdo) IN 2005
Submitted by the XO, 4RAR (Cdo)
(It should be appreciated that we
cannot identify individuals of the
battalion by name: Ed)

Members of the 4RAR Association Qld,

2005 has been an extremely busy year for 4RAR (Cdo). The Battalion conducts large-scale offensive and special operations beyond the scope and capability of other Australian Defence Force elements and its operations span the gap between conventional infantry operations and unconventional operations.
To do this, 4RAR (Cdo) trains to conduct: Offensive Operations, Advanced Force Operations, Counter Terrorism Operations and Support to Special Recovery Operations.
Operationally this year, 4RAR (Cdo) has deployed a number of personnel to the developing Iraqi Army as part of the Australian Army Training Team - Iraq (AATT-I). Their assistance will provide the foundation of a newly developing Iraqi Army in an area that is intensely unsettled.
Additionally, a team recently deployed to Afghanistan to provide a valuable capability to the Special Operations Task Group.
The small training element in TimorLeste also continues to assist in the development and security of that region.
Other members of the Battalion were selected as participants on EX Long Look in the United Kingdom. Exchanges with the Royal Marine Commandoes provide observations and training ideas that the soldiers will be able to pass onto their Commando Company Groups.
The Battalion also deployed a company to Butterworth, Malaysia for 3 months. This deployment provided excellent training, ensuring that our jungle skills do not degrade too much.

The Commando Reinforcement Cycle has been ongoing to meet the continuing growth of the Battalion. The number of courses undertaken and the number of personnel continually gaining the necessary skills to serve in the battalion are complex and time consuming but must be maintained.
As with all Special Forces (SF) the standards continue to remain high; therefore the growth is slow but steady.
The major exercise of the year was Exercise Talisman Tiger. This very successful and milestone exercise was the largest deployment ever undertaken by 4RAR (Cdo) since its roll was changed to a commando unit. A total of 390 soldiers were deployed, including 250 soldiers in the field as two Commando Company Groups.
The two companies were supported by substantial US and Australian assets. This exercise demonstrated the ever-developing tactics that could be used and deployed in the specific role as a Commando Company Group.
The barracks redevelopment programme has commenced and there will be new constructions occurring all around the Battalion and its surrounding areas over the next few years.
This year 4RAR (Cdo) has had the mandatory requirement to remain operationally focused, and continue to train in the subunit context tailoring itself to respond to any situation requiring Special Forces of our nature. If the 2005 are anything to go by, 2006 will be more demanding and focused on the likely operational tasks that will come to hand. Be assured 4RAR (Cdo) is in a good sprits and well positioned to met the challenges ahead.

Duty First
XO 4RAR (Cdo)

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