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 On Friday/9th Feb - I contacted Bryan and Carol Holborow. It was a Welfare Call to see how things are going. Spoke with Carol in the first instant as she answered the phone. She said she was in good spirits. She said that everything that could be done has been done and that she was going to fight it to the bitter end...gotta admire her spirit. She then yelled out for Bryan to pick up the phone downstairs and she said cheerio, and Bryan got on the phone.

He said that he was coping. He keeps in touch with calls from Tom Douglas and the boys from his Section as they are all pretty close. He is kept pretty busy looking after Carol, however, he has some respite for a couple of days through the week where someone steps in for him and takes care of Carol while he escapes for a little while. He repeated basically what Carol told me and most of you that are in touch with him know that everything that can be done has been done in respect to Carol and it is a matter of waiting.

He does not have his Mobile phone on at home and for good reasons which I do not need to explain. however, when he does leave the house for some respite, he turns on his mobile in his car, and he has - as he states, "thousands of messages some of which I recognise and some I don't and I cannot get back to everyone Gaz"

I asked him if there was anything I could do in that department, and WE agreed for me to send an email out to let everyone know that he is not being ignorant and does not wish to offend anyone but if everyone could back off ringing him on his Mobile, because when he gets away for some respite he wants some peace and quiet. He further told me that when it happens he will let everyone know. He iterated that he knows everyone is concerned and he is most grateful for all the support.

I did not serve with Bryan on his tour 68-69 - but we ran into each other many times over the years when we were both in the cops and always managed to find a cubby hole somewhere and we would sit and chat. I spent some time with Bryan during September 06 when he was up hear at Coffs working alongside me looking after the Australian Police Rugby Union (APRU) Games. He said then that Carol was in remission and his fingers were crossed.

Ladies and Gents, this has been difficult for me to write and to put it in a diplomatic way so as not to offend anyone, so from the heart could I humbly request on behalf of Bryan to respect his plea not to ring him on his mobile if you can. He knows that we are all thinking of him and Carol.

Sorry if this email has offended anyone

Duty First


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