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4RAR/4RAR (CDO) Association
New South Wales

PATRON: Brigadier The Hon David Thomson MC, (RL)

4RAR(Cdo) Sgts' Mess
1900hrs for 1930hrs/Tuesday/30th January 2007


You would all be aware that the 4RAR(Cdo) will be celebrating the Battalions' 43rd Birthday with a Parade followed by other planned activities on the 5th Brigades Parade Ground , Holsworthy on Thursday/1st February 07.  Timings will be 0930hrs for a 1000hr Parade commencement.  Appropriate attire and Medals to be worn.

In this regard, I will travel down to Sydney from Coffs Harbour especially early not only to attend the Birthday Parade and Activities, but prior to the Birthday - to chair a meeting of our Committee of Management of the 4RAR Assoc NSW.

The Venue and Timings are as aforementioned.
(1930hrs/Tuesday/30th Jan 07/4RAR(Cdo) Sgts' Mess)

This will be the
'last meeting' we will have as a Committee before I prepare for our AGM just prior to Anzac Day in April 07.  Your presence as an elected member of the Management Committee would be appreciated.  Further, the presence of our ex-officio elected current serving members would also be appreciated as it is 'you' that I require advice and guidance in respect to the Battalions needs and wants that we as an Assoc can discuss and hopefully action to improve our worth.

I will prepare an Agenda shortly and forward vide email for your perusal and necessary attention.  In this regard, if there are any matters you wish me to place on the Agenda for Discussion in General Business - then please so  advise me.

Duty First

Garry Heskett

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