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       On the 15th of May 2007 all families of members deploying in April and May as part of the Alpha Commando Company Group are invited to a farewell function at the 4RAR(Cdo) Officers Mess. The function is open to all members yet to deploy in late-May, and to all families of those members both deployed and awaiting deployment. The Minister for Defence and other dignitaries will be attending the morning tea and will be conversing with members and families over this period. The details of the function are listed below. Please note that the time is subject to change depending on the Minister's schedule. A further e-mail will be sent a few days prior to this morning tea to confirm all details.
       the timings and dates as depicted below are sent to you all in advance in the hope that as many former members of our Battalion who now are all current members of our 4RAR Assoc here in NSW and elsewhere, in the hope that you will find the time to attend to give our current serving members a memorable farewell.

As you can see by the timings below - it only goes for a short time - so if you are able and well enough to spare that time during your day - I am sure it would be more than appreciated.

Time: 9.45am to 11am
Date: 15 May 2007
Location: 4RAR(Cdo) Officers Mess
Dress: Families (neat casual), members (TBC, most likely DPDU)

        If there are any questions regarding this, please contact the Unit Liaison Officer, Warrant Officer Class 2 Michael Dunning on 02 8782 3629 or alternatively myself.

Important Info:
As with any occasion like this - it is appropriate to give me some idea of the numbers of former members attending so as to assist organisers.  I would appreciate if at all possible - some feedback. 

Garry Heskett
President/Secretary 4RAR/4RAR(Cdo) Assoc NSW.
Mobile: 0414 512 302.

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