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 Dear Members,
It gives me great pleasure to provide and forward to you for your download, perusal and necessary attention and action the following attachments:



It should be noted that all positions will be up for election to be voted by the wider membership.  The only two positions that will not have to undergo this process will be the two Ex Officio positions of Junior Vice President who will be a current serving Commissioned Officer nominated by the CO and a current serving Warrant Officer, Senior NCO, NCO or other rank also nominated by the CO.

The positions on the Committee of Management which will be up for election are as follows:


(a)   President
(b)   Senior Vice President
(c)   Junior Vice President -
(Ex Officio nominated by the CO)
(d)   Secretary
(e)   Treasurer
(f)    Editor/Webmaster

g)   Committee Member - (Ex Officio nominated by the CO)
(h)   Committee Member
(i)    Committee Member
(j)    Committee Member

Members, I ask that upon receipt of your email and attachments that you seriously consider your current position, and look at throwing your hand up to come on board and join the Management Committee Team of our great Association, as we not only continue sustaining our family traditions - but also to be a personal contributor as we endeavour to drive our Association to the next level.

The CO will be providing a brief to all present at the AGM and at the completion of our AGM and April Ordinary General Meeting, a bus will be made available to take us on a guided tour to a mystery location where all shall be revealed.  The bus will then return us to the SPU Club where we shall partake in some liquid refreshments etc.  I can assure you the Commanding Officers brief and guided bus tour will be worth it.

It would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge and say thankyou to Daryl Green our first and founding Secretary of our Association here in NSW.  Daryl recently informed me that he will be not standing for re-election due to personal family commitments.  On behalf of the Management Committee and all Members Daryl - I say thankyou for your valued contribution and counsel since our raising. 

If anyone out there is interested in coming on board as Secretary - please contact or give Daryl or myself a ring.  The position is not a difficult one and you will be helping your former and current serving mates and their families.

I also take this opportunity on behalf of one and all to wish all the best to one of our current serving and founding Committee Members - John Woodley.  John will be admitted to Hospital on the 5th April for 6 x days to undergo an operation.  I sincerely hope that all goes well mate and that your post operative recovery is quick and that you will be fit enough to attend the AGM.  We shall pray for you.

Looking forward to catching up with you all at the AGM set down for 1330 hrs for a 1400 hrs start at the Maxwell Club - Holsworthy on Monday the 23rd April 07.

Duty First
Garry Heskett
4RAR/4RAR(Cdo) Association NSW.

 Click here for nomination form............. Click here for AGM Notice .....(MS 'Word' format)

Click here for "Adobe pdf"... Nomination Form & AGM Notice


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